Top Places to Hike to Enjoy the Fall Colours

Hamilton is one of the most spectacular places to take in the fall colours. A hike on any one of the wonderful trails here will most definitely result in some amazing memories and breathtaking photo opportunities.

Dundas Peak in the fall

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Fun Organization for Busy Family Life

Life as a mom/wife/Realtor/homemaker can be really hectic. I’m never only responsible for my own agenda, I have children, and in my case a husband, that rely on me to keep their schedules in line as well. I put all my work appointments in my phone calendar, and was doing the same for my family as well. This worked for a time, but schedules started getting busier, the kids would forget to tell me about something or it would slip my mind that they had something on a certain day and all chaos broke lose!!


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Navigating a Sellers Market as a Buyer

As I mentioned in my about me section, I’m a Realtor in Hamilton ON., and the market here is favoring sellers in a big way. I work with many buyers, I love helping them find their first or next home, it’s one of the most gratifying things I get to do. But when things are benefiting the sellers, it can be a rough go. So, don’t give up before you start, just read on.

White clock with words Time to Sell on its face

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Remodeling Impact: Cost vs. Return

I recently had clients who were thinking of putting their house on the market and consulted me on where they should spend some money prior to selling.  I think my advice thinkingwasn’t exactly what they were waiting to hear. Deciding to invest money into your home before selling can get you a great return….if put into the right projects. Kitchens and baths sell homes right? So it seems like the obvious place to spend the money. BUT…what if potential buyers don’t have the same taste as you do? If you are remodeling because you want something different than what you have and you plan to enjoy it for a few years, spend the money. If your kitchen or bath are extremely outdated or not in good working order, putting money into them will see a return. In this case, I advise clients to stick to neutral decor. But if you want to recoup the cost of a kitchen re haul for resale, I’d say spend your dollars on items that you’ll get the best return. Now you’re wondering what those items are, so I’ll tell you.



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Ready to sell? A list to get your home ready too

Ready to sell? A list to get your home ready too

So, you’re ready to put your house on the market, but is your house ready to go on the market?


There are a few things you should do prior to listing your home to get top dollar:

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Curb Appeal….and why it’s so important

When I go for a walk around my neighborhood, there are certain homes that I admire every time. Why would the same homes grab my attention time after time??? Because they have great curb appeal of course!!

Gorgeous, simple and inviting

Landscape is one of my favorite parts of this front yard, and since well designed landscaping can add 6-13% to your home’s value, it’s a great place to get down and dirty to put in some of that sweat equity. If you’re unsure about what your landscaping should look Continue reading “Curb Appeal….and why it’s so important”

Don’t feel like cooking……Hamilton has you covered

If you are looking for a great place for some grub, Hamilton has no shortage. These are a few of my fav’s. For a superb burger, it has to be Chucks Burger Bar.


Located in the trendy Locke Street area, this burger joint offers you every meat imaginable and savory sides like lobster poutine…I mean, how can you go wrong.

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